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I2C Bus Monitor - USB
This low cost, easy-to-use PC hosted instrument is
specifically designed for troubleshooting and debugging I2C
networks. Features include wide bandwidth (DC – 3.4
Mbits/s), variable input signal range (0 – 15.0V), and
selectable signal filtering.
Price:  $339
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I2C Bus Monitor
The JI-210 is a PC hosted instrument used to passively
monitor and analyze a variety of I2C networks. RS-232
computer interface.
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Price:  $299
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Jupiter Instruments
Unique instrumentation products
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Ph: 949-716-0154
Jupiter Instruments is a small, innovative company focused on developing specialized
electronic instruments and systems for use in areas such as science research,
electronics development, and manufacturing test. We presently offer a small line of OEM
test instruments targeting the I2C serial bus and Motion Control markets. Additionally, we
offer product design and development services ranging from simple design and analysis
to full turnkey production.
I2C Tools
Digital I/O - USB
Phone: 949-716-0154
USB to I2C Adapter
The JI-300 is a versatile, easy to use PC hosted adapter used
to drive I2C communications to/from a target device.
Programmable SCL 255Hz to 3.8Mhz (20nS steps)
Variable bus voltage 1.50V to 5.25V (10mV steps)
Standard, Fast, High Speed*, & Fast Mode Plus
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Price:  $399
* High Speed Mode reduced data throughput
*The JI-4516 can be customized to meet specific customer
requirements. Please contact
sales for details.
Price: $259
High-Voltage, High-Current Digital I/O Module -
This module features 8 open-drain MOSFET switches (30 VDC
@ 3 A), 8 opto-coupled inputs,  Change-of-State (COS)
detection, application watchdog timer, and I/O ground isolation
(500 VDC). The JI-4516 is available as either a desktop unit or
low-cost OEM board.       
USB Multifunctional Digital I/O Module - Isolated
The JI-4040 includes 36 bidirectional I/O pins, 2 special
function ports, programmable I/O voltage (5.0 V to 1.8 V), and
I/O ground isolation (500 VDC). The JI-4040 is available as
either a desktop unit or low-cost OEM board.    
*The JI-4040 can be customized to meet specific customer
requirements. Please contact
sales for details.
Price: Start @ $219
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NI LabVIEW™     
Test Application
Incremental Encoder Emulator
The JI-820 is a PC controlled instrument designed to precisely
emulate the function of a wide variety of incremental encoders.
Cycle Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 5.0 MHz (50 nS steps)
Programmable Pulse-Per-Rev:  4 to 4,000,000
Variable Signal (A, B, Z) Amplitude: 5.0 to 30.0 Volts
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Output Interface: RS-422, Open-Drain, Push-Pull, or
Push-Pull Complementary
Simulates Rotary, Linear, and Quadrature Encoders
Price:  $479
Motion Control Tools
Optical Isolator Module
The JI-4820ISO provides an isolation barrier between an
incremental encoder and receiving electronics. The JI-4820ISO
was designed specifically to operate with the JI-820
Incremental Encoder Emulator.
Ground Loop Elimination
Signal Buffer/Repeater for long signal runs
Block Diagram
Price:  $129